Rating Consulting
Rating Consulting

More than 400 listed companies, from the major Stock Markets, evaluated by our analysts

  • More than 400 listed companies, from the major Stock Markets, evaluated by our analysts.
  • Evaluation made by strict methods, Fair Values calculated by specialized analysts.
  • Multiple calculation methods, such as : Roe, Eva, Company Value, Price Earnings and FV=D/(Ia-g), rigorously developed.
  • We also evaluate, upon request of our clients, non listed companies.
  • Algorithmic driven Stock portfolio operator.
  • Our high level evaluation leads to every day trading strategy.
  • Profitable Stock portfolios in various investments periods, available for our cliets.
  • Proper evaluation means profits, otherwise they would rather be just plain and useless numbers without any specific purpose.
  • More than 25.000 on-line graphs always available, each security comes together with various indicators which cannot be found on any trading platforms.
  • Cyclical indicators for any timeframe such as : Intermediate , Half Yearly, Annual, Biannual and full Economic Cycle.
  • Each evaluation is supported by Buy & Sell graph as well as valuable Entry and Exit timing tools.
  • Try out our free version, available for each market.
  • Daily and weekly analysis for Share index, Futures and Forex from major financial markets.
  • On line trading courses, a specific education that creates financial professional.
  • Live Trading Room, to watch our Traders performing the markets.
  • Multicharts Cyclical indicators for professional Traders.
  • With us you can increasingly improve your skills.